Express Delivery in Australia Explained

October 5, 2023

Express delivery in Australia is no simple task. We have a huge body of land to cover and a diverse range of items that need to be moved. Following on from our blog last month about what to look for in a transport solutions provider, we want to dig down on the detail a little more about the ways in which Metro Express have tailored a complete express delivery solution for all Australian businesses.

Industry Experience

With over 35 years in the transport industry, Metro Express brings a level of knowledge and expertise to the table that is unsurpassed. This means we know how to cover every base and manage any bump in the road so you don’t have to micro-manage or worry about a thing.

Technology Integration
Our GoDesta software allows you to enjoy a box seat throughout your express delivery with real-time GPS tracking, client reporting, proof of delivery, and 24/7 access to historical data, all available through your own client dashboard. You never have to guess where your express delivery is at.

Extensive Fleet
With over 500 vehicles across the country, ranging from small trucks to crane trucks, specialised trucks and semi-trailers, we offer a versatile set of solutions across a breadth of industries – no more ringing around to find someone who can cater to your particular needs.

Trained Support Staff
Our team of support staff and managers are based in each city, equipped with in-depth knowledge of important local details, Chain of Responsibility, and health and well-being. Safety and compliance are the bedrock of every express delivery booking you make.

Client-Centric Approach
Our mission has always been to provide flexibility, accountability and punctuality, treating every item we move as though it were our own. More than just words, we have more than three decades of history to prove it. You don’t have to partner with a service provider that can’t put themselves in your shoes. 

Specialised Solutions
Express delivery in Australia needs to be tailored. At Metro Express, we specialise in on-demand, point-to-point delivery, whether you’re moving machinery or magnets, furniture or festival props.

National Reach

From Adelaide to Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane, our dedicated, easy-to-access metropolitan taxi trucks are managed by our specialist local teams in each state. Get national clout with local care.

Custom Branding

Capitalise on the advertising opportunity with Metro Express fleet branding options that allow you to customise our vehicles with your own logos and colours. Why not take it all the way?!

Transport solutions are about much more than simply moving something from here to there. When you’re hunting around for an express delivery partner in Australia, make sure they can meet you on every point above.
Get in touch with us at Metro Express and our team can tell you more.

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