A Solution for Everyone

We are dedicated to providing a complete solution to all your transportation requirements with our remarkable fleet of vehicles and drivers. From taxi trucks to crane trucks and semi-trucks, delivery is managed seamlessly with our cutting-edge technology and committed team.

When you choose Metro Express, you get a transportation experience that goes beyond the ordinary with a proven customer-centric focus, placing you at the centre of everything we do.

Fleet Diversity For Every Job

Capable of catering to nearly all loads, our extensive range of specialist vehicles means we are equipped as a transport company to deliver the most simple, through to the more extreme and unusual loads!

Our Fleet

With dedicated vehicles for your express delivery needs, we don’t double or triple-stack loads so you get your own vehicle every time. This means fewer chances for delays or damage.

You can either utilise our specialist fleet, ask us to manage your own fleet, or have us build a fleet to your specifications.

Contact our team to discuss your specific requirements here.

Your Branding

Branded vehicles are like a badge of honour for us, but we’re proud to be part of your team too, so we can even brand trucks in your designs giving you additional advertising!

Become a Driver

Storage Options

Got limited storage? We’ve got warehousing for you without the hassle.

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Our advanced software solution makes every trip easy, safe, on time, cost-effective, secure and reliable.

Tailored Integrations

Many integration options are available and if you already have a system for managing your deliveries, we can integrate with it!

Real-time tracking

GPS tracking and SMS updates inform you directly when a load is due to arrive, making all the difference in a hectic work schedule.

Proof of Delivery

Photos and peace of mind sign on glass for all deliveries come standard as part of our POD process for added security.

Client Dashboard

Get a detailed view of daily operations and delivery movements in real time for better planning and improved delivery.

Increased Safety

Facilitating a safe environment for everyone with compliance features such as fatigue management, speed alerts and incident systems.


Quotes are saved online for 30 days and combined with open, honest, upfront invoicing - never any hidden costs. That makes us predictable and reliable.