Same Day Delivery Solving Complex Freight Challenges

July 10, 2024
man securing a load on a forklift

Same day delivery services have revolutionised the logistics industry, particularly in addressing complex freight challenges. At Metro Express, our wheelhouse sits firmly in the realm of making complex same day delivery seamless and reliable. For more than 35 years, we have been solving the challenges that come with the immediate need to get loads from A to B when they are urgent, awkward, heavy, large, dangerous, precious or fragile. The systems, processes and strategies built over the years to achieve this are the bedrock of our service delivery in combination with an unwavering focus on our customers’ needs. Keep reading to learn about the significant impact that same day delivery can have on your business.

Metro Express truck parked at loading facility

Speed and Efficiency

Same day delivery services significantly reduce lead times. This is crucial for businesses needing urgent replenishment or delivery, helping maintain optimal inventory levels and ensuring continuity in operations. At Metro Express, we execute speed and efficiency par excellence with dedicated trucks for your loads, a fleet of 500 specialist vehicles and local teams in each state.

Flexibility and Convenience

Same day delivery services provide flexibility in scheduling, making way for the ability to accommodate urgent or last-minute requests. This adaptability is essential for businesses with fluctuating demand or unforeseen logistical challenges.

Enhanced Reliability

Professional same day delivery providers ensure high levels of reliability with trained staff and well-maintained fleets. This reliability reduces the risk of damage, loss or delays, which are critical in maintaining your business reputation and customer trust.

man overseeing a load being secured

Customised Solutions

Same day delivery providers offer customised delivery solutions tailored to specific business needs, whether it’s dangerous goods or secure handling for high-value or difficult items. At Metro Express, we are able to load or unload goods using a vehicle-mounted crane for sites where there is no other way to load/unload the vehicle. This customisation ensures that freight is handled appropriately, reducing risks and enhancing service quality.


Same day delivery services are scalable to meet the varying demands of businesses, which allows you to expand your reach and handle peak periods without compromising delivery times. At Metro Express, we can turn your service on or off, up or down at the drop of a hat depending on what you need at any given moment.

Advanced Technology Integration

Same day delivery leverages advanced technologies such as real-time tracking and route optimisation. These technologies enhance efficiency, slash delays and provide transparency. Metro Express uses GoDesta software, which has been a significant investment of ours to provide cutting-edge technology for tracking certainty and complete transparency.

Cost-Effective Solutions

Same day delivery becomes more economical in the long run by reducing warehousing costs and minimising stockouts. For businesses dealing with high-value or perishable goods, the benefits of avoiding delays are second to none.

“The values that we started off with in 1988 include being totally flexible; we never say no. Whatever you need, it will be done.“

-Martin Overman, Managing Director

man securing a load on a forklift

Customer Success Stories

GEL Events
GEL Events is a freight forwarding company specialising in major events and exhibitions. With significant pressures in a very time-sensitive industry, Metro Express has to deliver on time every time, in full with no lost or damaged stock so the show can go on.

“Metro Express is an invaluable service that we rely on every day. Our customers come to us because they know we are the industry leaders and that’s because of suppliers like Metro Express.” Chris O’Sullivan – Project Manager, GEL Events

Stillwell Motor Group
Stillwell Motor Group provides car repairs, parts and distribution, and car sales. Their biggest challenge in the past has been a lack of communication. With two delivery runs every day, constant communication is critical to ensure they always know where their goods are. Our daily communication, two to three times a day is exactly what they need.

“Metro Express is an incredible business and they help us achieve our goals every day.” – Brett Munyard, Group Parts Manager, Stillwell Motor Group

Supply Partners
Supply Partners distribute quality solar products. They need their freight company to align with their company values and be able to convey these to their customers. At Metro Express, we take the time to know your customers and in the case of Supply Partners, our open communication and consistency of service shine through the supply chain.

“We are a partnership. Our customers see our freight providers as an extension of our business. Metro Express’s communication and reliability is something I can depend on and that makes a difference to the future of our business.” – Tracey Burnton, National Freight and Logistics Manager

Same day delivery offers a competitive edge to your business. Our quick, flexible and reliable delivery models are the secret sauce to running your business without delays, enhancing your market leadership and customer relationships. Get in touch with us to see how Metro Express can support your business success today.

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