When Freight Companies Start Building Bikes!

January 31, 2024
Metro Express building bikes for the Pyjama Foundation

In celebration of 35 years in business, Metro Express brought their entire national team together in Sanctuary Cove, Queensland for a special celebration. As one of Australia’s leading freight companies, it was a privilege to have this opportunity to come together, take stock, remember where we’ve been and celebrate our success. A series of team-building exercises throughout the event also reminded us of our core values, which have been a central factor in how we do business every day.

After being split into five teams, Jason of Total Team Building had us work together through some thought-provoking activities. We kicked off a game of Rock Paper Scissors with a twist, where the winner gained an advantage for their team. We wrestled with brain teasers and then had to transmit secret messages without using words or sounds, putting our teamwork skills under the pump!

The highlight of the day was bike building for The Pyjama Foundation, a charity that supports and empowers children in foster care to believe in and reach for their goals through learning. The Metro Express teams were pitted against each other in a race to build a small child’s bike to be donated and we went at it with gusto!

Jason’s moving speech about the amazing work of the team at The Pyjama Foundation touched every one of our team deeply. Martin saw the potential for Metro Express to make a greater impact and decided to contribute five larger bikes, perfect for slightly older kids.

The following week, our Queensland team personally delivered all ten bikes to the Pyjama Foundation, ensuring they reached the children just in time for Christmas. Each bike came with a heartfelt handwritten note from our CSR in Sydney, Bianca-Lee Ackram-Graf.

Heading into 2024, we’ll cherish this day and the meaningful experience that shaped and reminded us of what truly matters. We’re excited for the new year and eager to see what additional gifts are in store.

35 years since inception and Metro Express is still going strong. As one of Australia’s most established and qualified freight companies, we are here to provide you and your clients with premium point-to-point delivery throughout Queensland, New South Wales, Victoria or South Australia.

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