The Mango Fundraiser – Metro Express Delivering Trays of Gold

November 23, 2023

As the festive season fast approaches, our wheels are set in motion for one of our favourite chapters in the Christmas calendar – the Mango Fundraiser! Travelling all around Queensland, New South Wales and Victoria, we’re on a journey, delivering crates of golden mangos to schools throughout the East Coast.

Our collaboration begins with Deane Farms in the heart of North Queensland where they proudly cultivate their Bowen Special Mangoes. Renowned for their exceptional taste and quality, these mangoes are a product of environmentally sustainable practices, grown in orchards that prioritise harmony with nature. The difference is in the details: each mango is allowed to reach its full maturity on the tree, ensuring peak flavour, and then hand-picked and carefully packed.

Parents, teachers and friends order trays directly from the farm through their school. As The Mango Fundraiser delivery partner, we’re committed to ensuring that these mangoes reach their destinations in perfect condition. Each tray we transport aids in raising funds for schools and we take pride in our role, knowing that each delivery helps support educational initiatives for so many students and helps this North Queensland farmer expand his customer base.

The 2023 Mango Fundraiser is almost over, but if you are in any of the participating states, sign up to savour the taste of Queensland’s finest Bowen Special Mangoes next season!

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